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Welcome To Hippy Motors!

We are headquartered in the UK and are the only carbon neutral decal manufacturing business in the world!

How we started:

We are Angela and Matt Whittaker and we started designing and making our own car stickers back in 2002 as we wanted to brighten up our own car. Because people loved our stickers and no one else was making and selling them, we started selling them on the internet to everyone out there who was tired of driving a conventional looking vehicle. Over the last 12 years we have continued to expand our product range and are thrilled to have such a loyal and ever growing customer base.

A bit about us:

About image 2We live in North Devon and have a wonderful life; shared with our kids and dog, surrounded by nature, in the beautiful town of Great Torrington. We both work from home with Hippy Motors, which works great for us and our children; so we thank all our customers for supporting us to do this. About image 3 We love you all! Hippy Motors totally supports our family as our only source of income, and for this we are so grateful to all our customers. However, we aren't only running the business as a money making venture. We do this because we believe our society needs more colour - more vibrancy. We need to send messages out to remind people about what we believe in... and what better way than through art? Our decorated cars are definitely gallery-worthy!

Have fun and spread some colour!

About image 3

A colourful car, motorhome or caravan makes a statement and also gets you noticed, so drive carefully! That being said... if you do have a bump, you can hide it behind a flower. (My husband still isn't suspicious as to why our car is covered in stickers!)

About image 5

Cultivating a kaleidoscope of sustainability

We've kicked the coal to the curb and invited the sun as our VIP guest. We're all about harnessing the power of the sun, and our 6KW solar panels power our home and business! We're grooving into the future with the sun as our spotlight and are proud to be the only carbon neutral decal manufacturing business in the world!

About image 6

Festival Life

We're all about festival life! Follow our Facebook page to stay in the loop about where we'll pop up next. We love spreading good vibes at festivals, and often have a stall set up to sell our decals.

About image 7Glastonbury
About image 8Frome
About image 9Bus Fest 

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