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Copyright Information

Copyright Information for Hippy Motors

We hate it when people copy our designs and sell them on the likes of Ebay and Amazon.

On the other hand we are guilty here as well. You will find artwork here, on our site, that we are using that is not our own.

Banksy designs.

Many years back we wrote to the publicist for Banksy and asked permission and what the terms for that permission may be. We have not had an answer. We also knew an old friend of Banksy that went to collage with him in Bristol who, apparently went travelling with him around Europe. Although he had not been in touch with him for many years he told us Banksy would not mind.

Levellers designs.

Not long after we started up Levellers fans started requesting stuff and after a while we put them on the site to make it easier for them and us. We had another request for a design and I said no because we were already exploiting them enough. This guy knew one who works for the band behind the scenes and contacted her to ask if it was alright for us to do it. The reply was 'no problem, knock yourself out'. Very cool. We still do not take the mickey and always ensure Levellers fans get more than they expect.

It's is so great now driving to the Beautiful Days festival seeing all the vans on the road and the clear connections strangers have over recognising the decals.

James designs.

A very similar thing happened with James as with the Levellers. They really do have a solid and loyal fan base that started requests. We finally gave in and put them on the website. We do have someone linked with the band that buys from us who says it's OK and, I believe, the trumpet player defiantly has our stuff so I take that as a bit of a nod.

VW logo.

Clearly that is not our copyright and we are in no way linked to the organisation. We do, however, respect the logo and will never do anything with it that puts VW in a bad light. VW are renowned for quality as are we. They are central to the 'Hippy Van' so it is hard not to have them included on our site as VW owners love that 'Hippy Van' image. We supply only top quality long lasting product so hope this reflects well on the VW brand.

If you are representative for any of the above or object to anything on the site that you consider your copyright please contact us if you wish for us to remove the products.

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