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Stained Glass Window Effect

Radiate Colour from Windows.

This range of totally unique decals look as close to stained glass as you can get without lead and glass. They are quick and easy to put on and create visually stunning effects around the interior of rooms, vans and caravans. They also increase your privacy if that's what you'd like.

Sun window sticker with stained glass look

A Sun window sticker

Vinyl Butterfly Window sticker

Butterfly window sticker kit

vine flower decal on glass window and patio doors

Curly Vine and flower window stickers

dragonfly window sticker on canal boat glass

Dragonfly window sticker

dream catcher window sticker

Dream Catcher Window sticker

flower window decals on windscreen

Flower window sticker decals

Goddess sun catcher window decoration in sunshine

Goddess Sun-catcher Window Decoration

Greenman window decal for caravans camper vans

Greenman Window decal

sun strip on a van with flowers stars CND symbols and butterflies

Hippy Sun Strip sticker Kit

Kokopelli window decal sticker with stained glass look

Kokopelli Window sticker

Levellers beautiful days logo on a window

Levellers Beautiful Days window sticker

colourful star sunstrip for cars, vans and motorhomes

Little Star window car stickers

moon gazing hare window decoration kit

Moon Gazing Hare Window Decoration

Stained Glass look moon window decal

Moon window decal

vinyl translucent squares to make your own mosaic patterns on windows and glass

Mosaic Sun Strip Window Decoration

Butterfly window sticker for glass

OUTLINE of Butterfly window sticker

Stained glass look Goddess window decal outline

OUTLINE of Goddess window decal

moon gazing hare window sticker

OUTLINE of Moon Gazing Hare window sticker

dragonfly window sticker glass decal

OUTLINE of the Dragonfly window sticker

Dream catcher window decal sun catcher on a window with coloured panels

OUTLINE of the Dream catcher window decal

Green man window sticker vinyl glass decal

OUTLINE of the Green man window sticker

stained glass look moon window sticker

OUTLINE of the Moon window sticker

Sun window decal outline

OUTLINE of the Sun window decal

single sheet of translucent vinyl to make mosaic patterns on windows and glass

Single Sheet Mosaic Sun Strip

coloured star decals on a window

Star Window decals - Single Sheet

translucent vinyl butterfly on glass window

Translucent Butterfly window decals

cnd peace window sticker on windscreen

Translucent CND Peace window stickers

flower window sticker sheet

Translucent Flower window stickers- single sheet ONLY


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