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From Old to New, Hippy Motors just got a new website

Tuesday 7th January 2020

Hippy Motors exciting new website with bells on.  

Hippy Motors started doing what we do around 2004. We started on Ebay when we were the only ones selling flower decals. Now, type in 'Flower Decals' into Ebay and you'll find 100's. We were literally the first ones.

We really had no idea what we were doing but we did want our own website. Many people thought their was not much point having a website as at that time people thought shopping on the internet would not be good. We moved on to our own website. We asked our mate Stephen to help which he did. He gave us a great Logo and the best website that our no money and 'do us a favour Stephen' could get. It was not easy to do as we could not update it ourselves.

We had a customer Cheryl visit us at home as she wanted a lot of flowers from us. She had a great little business called Wizzadora and she recommend we move to an eCommerce provider called Store2go, the provider she was with (she is the reason we have 'Wizz Flowers'). So after maybe only having our first site for 6 months we moved over to Store2go and it transformed us. It was marvellous, cheap and really simple to use. Great for us because we are tight-fisted and no idea what we were doing.

Store2go have been great to us but the internet has moved on. Google is king. Google costs businesses a lot of money so if Google does not like you you need to do something about it. Google really does not like our Store2go site so we had no choice but to find another 'platform'.

We found 'Shopwired' and have been working on a new site for almost 12 months. Moving all our 450 products over to a new platform. Everything has changed. Totally. Really tough. A massive learning curve. If we knew it was that tough maybe we'd have just surrendered at the start. We have come out of it thinking after running an internet business for 15 years we are finally starting to know what we are doing.

We did get some quotes for people to do our new site for us but £14,000 was out the question. Like I said, we are tight-fisted so we did it ourselves.

Anyway we hope you like our new site. We are very excited about it. Please give us your feedback as it has always been your feedback that has moulded Hippy Motors into what you see today. We love you all.

shopwired new hippy motors website

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