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Hippy Motors as a gift and 'Black Friday' deals.

Friday 19th November 2021
Unique Gift ideas for a campervan.Looking for something different, sustainable and ethical to give as gifts or presents at Christmas? Hippy Motors are carbon neutral decals, have a unique range of designs and we work ethically, sustainably with a personal touch from our home. Unfortunately not many companies do so we really…
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Your old GB sticker is now banned in Europe. We have a UK one for you.

Thursday 28th October 2021
We have a new UK id badge for you.Brexit has caused many changes here in the UK and as far as we can tell nothing is better, things are harder, everything is more expensive, paperwork is thicker, the UK is poorer and we are doing worse than our European neighbours…
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Being ill with Covid and Our daughter in trouble in South Korea.

Friday 8th October 2021
Being ill with Covid and Our daughter in trouble in South Korea.We know we have not been working as well as we usually do and we'd like to tell you why that is.Firstly getting Covid was a bit of a bad start to September. At the end of August we…
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How to prevent your car or van being cloned

Tuesday 8th June 2021
How to prevent your car or van being cloned.What is car or van cloning? It is when a vehicle is given the identity of another by just putting on copied or stolen number plates. Sadly it’s really easy to steal the identity and the thief gets your vehicles good history,…
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Our council to be investigated for false report into our solar panels

Thursday 22nd April 2021
Our Council, Torridge District Council, are under investigation because they may have falsified an independent report to down play the impact of a new development on our ground mounted solar arrayThe Local Government Ombudsman are investigating Torridge District Council Planning Department because they lied and mislead the Plans Committee in…
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March Customer Pictures of Car and Van Stickers

Tuesday 20th April 2021
Cool Caravan stickers, Colourful Car decals and Creative Camper van stickers  Hippy Motors is the perfect site for alternative van stickers, allowing customers to set free their creative talents and decorate their vehicles in imaginative ways.  We received a lot of great pictures of in March and sorry if I have…
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Customer pictures February 2021

Tuesday 16th March 2021
Hippy Motors customer decals from February 21We get sent a lot of customer pictures so we want to (try) do a blog every month with some of the previous months pictures to help inspire others.Hope you love what others do and we'd love to see what you do with yours.…
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Would you like to meet 4-6th June 2021?

Saturday 13th February 2021
The Hippy Motors Convoy, is it on this year?Firstly I want to make it clear that I’m sick to the hind teeth of Covid-19. We are social animals here so we are finding the separation from friends, family and festivals REALLY tough and irritating so the thought of meeting up…
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Brexit, how it affects us and you.

Tuesday 26th January 2021
Hippy Motors and the effects of Brexit. The view of one small business.We were really sad when the UK narrowly voted to leave the EU. We love our European neighbours. Angela is the daughter of a Portuguese immigrant, we loved our unrestricted travel around Europe, we love having EU people…
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Hippy Motors on T.V.

Thursday 21st January 2021
Hippy Motors decals have been on the TV, again.We like to think we are very modest here but sometimes we get a bit excited about our decals. We are very proud of our little business, our product range and, of course, the groovy people that buy from us supporting the…
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