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Squeegee to help put on decals

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Renewable Squeegee made from PLANT starch for decals. 

We wanted to start offering a squeegee to help you apply decals, to make the process of putting them on easier, particularly for the big ones and the ones that go on with soapy water. We could have done what every decal supplier does and buy cheap ones from China, ship across the world and make a good profit when we sell them on. But we were unhappy with the carbon footprint and the material squeegees are made from. As we are the only carbon neutral decal manufacturer in the world we did something no one else does, we designed and 3D print our own at our home using starch raw material made from renewable plants such as corn. We believe this is the ONLY 3D printed squeegee made from plants in the world. As a result the carbon footprint is very low and we designed and developed this squeegee that really suited our product.

Our design is super slim and the plant based material is really flexible. It comes with one hard edge and one felt edge (felt is made in the UK). The hard edge is great for rubbing down the decal when it still has application tape on top of the vinyl then, after you remove the top tape, use the felt edge for rubbing the vinyl directly to prevent any scratching to the surface.

Add this to your order of our carbon neutral decals knowing that we worked a bit harder in supplying this handy tool to make it as environmentally conscious as possible.

Postage costs are in three levels. For latest costs go HERE.

Up to £5

Over £5 to £10

Over £10

For orders outside of UK you may be charged IMPORT DUTY depending on your country's rules.

Packaging will be in either an envelope or a tube depending on the size of the decal you order.

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