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Easter Island Rapa Nui Head Decal

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Show you are on an adventure with an Easter Island Rapa Nui Head Decal on your motor.

These iconic megalithic statues are not just beautiful and massively impressive but are shrouded in mystery. Created by the indigenous people of Rapa Nui or Easter Island as named by Europeans. The size and quantity of the statues is staggering. Confusing to many as they have been chiselled from the stone and moved into positions around the island that show an intellect that hints at an advanced forgotten technology which makes you wonder how they managed it.

These decals come in two size options facing either left or right. If you order two facing left & right please choose 'Any' and we'll do left and right for you.

Small is 135mm tall 50mm wide

Big is 275mm tall 95mm wide

Comes as a single statue or as a single decal of a row. Take a look here.


Postage costs are in three levels. For latest costs go HERE.

Up to £5

Over £5 to £10

Over £10

For orders outside of UK you may be charged IMPORT DUTY depending on your country's rules.

Packaging will be in either an envelope or a tube depending on the size of the decal you order.

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