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Want to have wholesale or work at festivals

Monday 18th September 2023

Want to sell Hippy Motors decals in a shop?

Would you like to sell our products in your shop? Well you can, but we do have a few restrictions and this lets you know what they are.

Firstly, our business means so much more to us that an income stream, so we reserve the right not to supply you if we don't feel your business suits our brand and ethos. Saying that, we think if you are interested in Hippy Motors, then you are the type of person we want to be involved with, so lets carry on....

Making our products is labour intensive and our prices are as low as we feel comfortable with, but saying that, we are willing to reduce our prices to make it attractive for you to consider wholesale.

We believe supplying you wholesale will be good for both of us, so each decal you sell will have our website details on to promote us. A copy of the sticker is below, it includes basic instructions as well. It's good marketing from our point of view, which is a big reason we want to supply you at a reduced cost to us. It's good to spread the word, it's an advert for us.

Most of our orders online are small and that means we take time changing vinyl rolls over, trimming rolls and packing and that work is reflected in our final price. A wholesale order, therefore needs to reduce our time so we can reduce our costs to you. So for wholesale supply we will need to have a minimum amount in any design, size and colour and you may need to cut up large sheets into separate decals. This reduces our labour and we'll pass that on in your wholesale price. Currently we can offer a reduction of our unit costs by 25% to give you scope for profit as a wholesale price.

We will also require a minimum order size. We are thinking £100. That way it reduces our packaging and postal costs.

If these conditions are acceptable to you then lets talk in more detail.

Would you like to sell our stuff at Festivals?

Do you have a festival stall already or would you love to get into the scene? Then join the Hippy Motors UK festival team.

When we started Hippy Motors we traded at music and craft festivals a few times a year. These were great. It gave us the opportunity to go to some great festivals, have a good time, meet lovely people and effectively pay ourselves for being there. Sometimes we would make a good profit as well, but the choice of festival is important here, either to make a good profit or to just allow you to pay your way. We were, however, always predominantly an online setup and in order to trade better at festivals, that side of the business needed to operate differently.

For many reasons we stopped festivals to concentrate on our online business but in 2023 we started up again. Now we do regular markets at Glastonbury and Frome and it's made us realise that we could invite others to do the same but in other parts of the country. In 2024 we will be going to several music festivals around the South West. We, therefore, would love others to do festivals and markets in different parts of the UK. 

We could give you support in starting up trading. We could help by passing on all we know and have learned in our 20 years and you could have access to a lifestyle that is independent and centred around music and craft festivals/markets. We will, obviously, have conditions but just like the above it's about promoting our online business but unlike the wholesale side you get to make the products yourself so you are in control of that, meaning you keep the money earned from them. I imagine you could already have some form of trading stall/business or you could want to start up a brand new one and we could help you with all of that but you'd need to put the initial cash investment in which, to be honest, is not a large amount.

So have a think about these options and please call us here to talk things over and maybe you can join us in some way.

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