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Help with DVLA change from works van to campervan.

Wednesday 19th August 2020

How to make your self-build van conversion look like a campervan for the DVLA to approve?

We are getting asked more frequently “the DVLA don't think my self build looks like a campervan, how can I make it look like one?” Decals can help so here is our guide to making DVLA realise your self build is a campervan.

They want to make sure your van is still not being used as a works van. A van with flowers on could be a florist so try to mix it and personalise. They also want to be reassured that after they change the definition of your van a builder, in years to come, won't rip out the interior and start using it for work without restrictions. It's a tough one and many are finding it hard to convince them as they are clearly getting tougher.

Windscreen wording is easy to add and create a good vibe. Maybe put on your names with an 'on tour', 'on an adventure', that kind of thing. Maybe add a banner saying something fun.

Our checks cover a good size of the van in one go and we offer more than just boring checks. We do plain checks or checks changing to hearts, gecko's and butterflies. We even do checks with 'One Race The Human Race' in them. No business is going to have that on their van.

Make your camping intentions clear; we do bottles of beer in stripes. We even offer them with custom wording as well. A strip of bottles with 'CHEERS!' on just may help set a scene.

Our Maori and Oceanic section has many designs that should only really be on a campervan. The Maori Moko and Tiki are rather good at showing it's for adventure and travel. Most of our designs come in really big sizes as well so you can make a statement in one go.

If your van is a VW we do lots of VW related designs from VW hibiscus to VW in suns.

Festoon lighting and bunting can be good as well to set the camping and festival look. You can also add anything to bunting like wording. If you order custom wording like 'Party Bus' you can cut up the letters and place on the bunting.

CND's and other symbols are good as well. A well meaning and large 'Ohm' surrounded by a spiral of flowers could only be on a festival bus. The mandala can look rather striking and rather good at playing to DVLA's idea of campervan graphics.

Our Celtic range is good and can be used to cover large areas of your van.

I like this picture. The sun, moon, stars and symbols are a very general campervan style that can only be for pleasure.

In general, set a scene. Make it easy to see it's a campervan, for pleasure and not a van. Put your own take on the decoration, be personal and fun.

Checkout our 'Stripes, Checks and More' section. We even have a dedicated 'Party Bus' category there but really all that we offer are for party buses. The DVLA want reassurance that it is, long term, a van for pleasure not work. It will be easier for them to grant changes on an old van; newer vans could be converted back so you will have a fight on your hands if it is a new van. Show them you intend to have you van as a pleasure vehicle until it falls apart so they never need to worry that a builder or self employed courier will buy the van from you and rip out the conversion and start using it for work with less restrictions on the road. Decals will help set the scene, good luck on you adventures you old aged traveller.

If you have been successful in your DVLA documentation change please let us know if the decals helped. If you have advice we can add it to this post.

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