Sperm and Zeitgeist

Sperm and Zeitgeist vinyl decals.  

The Zeitgeist range is just a few statements that reflect our current 'State of Affairs'.  I'm really not sure why we wanted to put Sperms on our motor but we did, just for a bit of fun.  Don't worry, tell the kids they are tadpoles.  All our high grade stickers are suitable for internal and external use, and can be stuck on most hard surfaces.  

fed up protest vinyl car decal

1 percent fed 99 percent fed up decal

Angler fish with money as the light decal

Banker the Angler Fish car sticker

Change decal with an anarchy symbol in it

Change Decal

European id vehicle decal GB sticker

Country ID human egg vehicle sticker

debt is slavery decal sticker for vehicles

Debt is Slavery Decal

Ghandi vinyl Decal for vehicles

Ghandi car Decal

mickey mouse wearing a v for vendetta guy fawkes mask

Guy Fawkes mask sticker modelled by Anonymous

Guy Fawkes v for vendetta decal on car

Guy Fawkes Mask V for Vendetta decal

make love not war decal with CND symbol

Make Love Not War decal

vinyl decal saying redistribute the wealth

Redistribute the wealth decal

Sperm stickers for vehicles laptops walls windows


stop wars in a star wars style decal on a car

Stop Wars Decal