Portable Firepit

Could this be the best firepit to take to festivals or campsites?

We designed and developed these portable firepits ourselves as found taking a firepit to a festival or camping was difficult and dirty. We designed these to collapse flat very easily and fit into a bin bag so they can be stored away at home or go in a car or van to take camping. They are easy to clean and empty the ash. They are off the ground keeping scorching the grass to a minimum. Simply put in your van or car flat and and assemble in seconds when you arrive at your pitch. They are easy to store at home so no need to leave for long periods to rust away out doors. Can be carried to your pitch and they do look stunning. We make them in small batches and ship once made so it's better environmentally.

Made in the UK using precision laser cutting technology from either 2.5mm or 2mm thick mild steel and are not painted. We offer two versions heavy and light models. The heavy ones will last longer but the light can be carried easier. You can paint them if you wish using stove paint but if left alone, stored under cover and cleaned after use they should last many years without painting.

Take a look at the effect HERE

portable firepit with Celtic design

Celtic style portable firepit

sun moon and star firepit design

Eclipse sun moon and Tinners Hares firepit

Beautiful Days logo firepit

Levellers Portable Firepit