paisley car stickers

ID# pasley

Paisley is so in-vocative of the hippy culture and style so add it to your motor to increase the funk.

Our decals are in single colour sheets so you can add as my colours that clash as possible. Or just do a display in a single colour. Just cut up the sheetys a arrange as you like them.

You get two size options.

Small 28 paisley tears from 10mm x16mm up to 70mm x50mm

pasley sheet small.jpg

Big 14 paisley tears from 25mm x15mm up to 100mm x70mm

pasley sheet big.jpg

Why not add other bits to your paisley stickers, like flowers and stars, to create a monster display (like the picture). The picture shows two colour pasley with tiny stars and flowers from our bike range.

pasley car stickers with extra2.jpg


ProductsStockOur Price
paisley small sheet984£ 4.50
paisley big sheet985£ 4.50

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