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New Stickers

New and recent additions to our unique range of decals. 

It's easy to keep on top of our new designs with this section. So keep on coming back to find out what's new.

Glastonbury decal with tower and path sticker

a Glastonbury Tor decal with path

large mandala vinyl sticker decal for cars and vans

a Mandala multicoloured and very large decal

Big Cat Face Decal for campervan or cars

Big Cat Face Decal

Birds on a wire decal for caravans and campervans

Birds on a wire decal

Bluebell decals for cars and vans

Bluebell Decals

Octopus vinyl camper van decal

Corner Octopus vinyl decal

Country roads take me home lyrics decal

Country Roads Lyrics Decal

Demeter Goddess Decal sticker

Demeter Mother Earth Goddess decal

Dionysus decal

Dionysus decal God of wine and ecstasy

Easter Island Rapa Nui statue Decal for cars and vans

Easter Island Rapa Nui Head Decal

Emu decal sticker by hippy motors

Emu Decals

free hippy motors car sticker

Free Hippy Motors Website Sticker

Egyptian pyramids and sphinx decal

Giza Pyramids Sphinx Decal

Goddess sun catcher window decoration in sunshine

Goddess Sun-catcher Window Decoration

Greek Key boarder decal for van

Greek Key Boarder Stripes decal

moomin family decal

Hippo Moomin Family Decal

John Lennon Imagine Lyrics Decal

Imagine John Lennon Lyrics Decal

jelly bean sticker decals for cars and campervans and caravans

jelly Bean decal stickers

octopus decal for cars

Large Swimming Octopus

Levellers beautiful days logo on a window

Levellers Beautiful Days window sticker

cannabis leaf decal

Marijuana Cannabis Leaf Decal

Meditation decal on car window

Meditation Decal

Magic Mushroom Symbol decal

Mushroom Insight Symbol

On an adventure decal

On An Adventure Before Dementia decal

Palm Tree Decal for cars and campervans

Palm Tree Decal

psychedelic decal on a car

Psychedelic Vortex Sun Decal

Easter Island head statue decal

Row of Easter Island Heads Decal

squid decal for cars or campervans

Squid Decal

sunflower decal for campervan and cars.

Sunburst Sunflower decal

Talos from jason and the argonauts decal

Talos from Jason and the Argonauts decal

Hippy Motors Convoy 2024 tuckers grave inn

The Convoy 2024

Tropical island decal

Tropical island decal kit

New Euro UK id badge for vehicles

UK Badge new badge for driving in EU

vegvisir rune decal

Vegvisir circular rune decal


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