Hippy Dude Decal

Hippy Dude vinyl sticker.  

Our Hippy Dude loves to do stuff and, of course, having a hippy-fied motor helps the dude to do all the fun stuff by taking the dude there.  He loves surfing, playing hang drum, canoeing and skiing.  If you do too, then add the dude sticker onto your motor.  All our vinyl decals are weatherproof, durable and colourfast.

Hippy Motors Biker motorbike vinyl sticker

Hippy Biker Decal

hippy canoe vinyl sticker by hippy motors

Hippy Canoeist Decal

Hippy Motors Driver car decal

Hippy Driver decal

hangdrum handpan decal for car camper van

Hippy Dude Hang Drum Player sticker

Hippy skiing decal car sticker

Hippy Skier Decal

Hippy Snowboarder vinyl car Decal

Hippy Snowboarder Decal

Hippy Surfer vinyl car window Decal

Hippy Surfer Dude decal

Hippy wake boarder vinyl car camper van decal

Hippy Wake boarder Decal

kokopelli sticker car transfer hippy motors

Kokopelli decal