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Your old GB sticker is now banned in Europe. We have a UK one for you.

Thursday 28th October 2021

We have a new UK id badge for you.

Brexit has caused many changes here in the UK and as far as we can tell nothing is better, things are harder, everything is more expensive, paperwork is thicker, the UK is poorer and we are doing worse than our European neighbours are. Please accept that is just our opinion as strong remain supporters and lovers of the EU and it's people.

One change is your GB sticker is now banned so if you are driving into Europe, from the UK, you must display a sticker with 'UK' on it. Your old 'GB' one could result in you being fined so best remove that from the rear and slap a new 'UK' one on.

So we have made one for you to buy but we wanted to do something a bit different with our new UK id sticker. You can (or not) make a statement with your new sticker. We have a 'My heart is in the EU' one and a 'Glad we are out of the EU' one. Both are rather subtle so they will not cause an upset but it's still a statement you are making with them. Maybe it'll be rather funny driving around Europe showing them all that you never wanted to be in Europe and you are glad you are out.

So follow our link HERE to buy one. As postage will be only £1 for one it'll be cheaper than nipping out to buy one.

If you buy one you'll also join in an experiment. After a year we can tally up which one we sold more of, lets call it a referendum. Let's see just how popular the UK leaving is now that we have gone. Look out for a future blog with the results.

Anyway for those wanting to know the new rules here is a summary.

UK id sticker must be clearly be shown on the rear of you vehicle on European roads. A national flag can also be displayed including Union Flag, St. Andrews, St. George cross, Red Dragon (that we also sell) but the flag must be above the UK identifier.

If you already have a GB on the number plate you do not need to cover it up but you will need a UK id sticker as well.

You must remove the old GB sticker.

Why do we need to change from GB to UK sticker when driving around Europe?

The United Kingdom is Great Britain with Northern Ireland so it is deemed as more inclusive. Their is a possibility that the UK's break from Europe will, eventually, result in Northern Ireland unifying with Ireland. Then not only will the UK not exist and we'll be Great Britain again and we'll need to take the Northern Ireland flag out from the Union Flag and change all the stickers back to GB. So let's just sit back and see what happens.

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