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Would you like to meet 4-6th June 2021?

Saturday 13th February 2021

The Hippy Motors Convoy, is it on this year?

Firstly I want to make it clear that I’m sick to the hind teeth of Covid-19. We are social animals here so we are finding the separation from friends, family and festivals REALLY tough and irritating so the thought of meeting up with friends, customers and making new friends in a field for a Hippy Motors Convoy in June is very appealing and for many months now I’ve been chewing over it, should I do it or shouldn’t I?

I’m sick of looking into the future and wondering if we’ll be able to or even if it is a good idea to contemplate organizing it. I have come to the conclusion that I have no idea what’s going on but this is what I expect..

Although camping will be allowed in June the gathering in mixed groups will not.

So here is what I am doing for the 2021 Hippy Motors gathering…

We will be going to Blackland Lakes on the 4-6th June and please feel free to join us. If you want to arrange driving there in a convoy then we can arrange that via our Facebook page and emails.

We will not organize anything formally because then I become responsible and liable to get fined. But if you come to the same site we will be able to meet up outside in small groups; I expect the limit will be 15. Meeting up outside is generally known to be OK and we are comfortable with that. So come and join us on a folding camp seat and the only Corona we’ll share will be a bottle with a slice of lime.

What I do know is we miss face to face conversations, sharing fun and moments. We miss travelling and staying over. We miss good and rubbish jokes from friends. We miss campfire conversations. We miss it all but at least we can, if you want, meet up in a sheltered field and have some fun even if it is socially distanced. I can’t guarantee we will play the traditional game of rounders or sit in our tee pee tea tent around our wood burner but we can meet, chat, laugh and catch-up on the trivial stuff that really does mean so much.

So what do you think? If you want to join us please do. We will be at Blackland Lakes Campsite in Wiltshire on the 4-6th June and we’d love to see you there as well.

Give them a call on 01249 810943 or email them at enquiries@blacklandlakes.co.uk and tell them you are with Hippy Motors and want to be close to Angela & Matt Whittaker.

This way we can meet up responsibly and I don’t need to worry about anything but I’ll have something to actually look forward to. Hope to see you there xxxx

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