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Friday 17th January 2020

Powered by Devon Sunshine

We have a large garden here in Devon. It's magic, south facing, just perfect. We had great hopes when we moved here of growing our own fruit and vegetables, being rather self sufficient, well as self sufficient as possible.

It never worked out that way.

We love our business but ask us what is it's worst bit and we'll say 'It's busiest time is spring and summer, when we just want to be working in our garden tending our fruit and vegetables'. So yes, I'm afraid the vegetables were neglected and we got frustrated.

So we had an idea, why not harvest the sunshine instead?

We saved our pennies (pennies it should be said came from our customers) and Matt built a frame over the vegetable patch and we installed solar panels.

Now we are almost self sufficient in electricity. Even on a dull day the power we generate is enough to cover our machines. So now, just like we wanted to be in the first place, we are as self sufficient as possible. We are, in our own way, helping to reduce our impact on earth. For that we feel proud.

solar power installation in Devon