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Life in lock-down

Thursday 26th March 2020

Locked-down in our office.

At the moment a lot of people need to work from home as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak but we've been doing that for around 14 years. We do love it but it brings it's own challenges. Angela and I are around each other 24 hours a day 365 days a year and we know not many couples could cope. It's just good we really do love each other.

Since the UK's half-hearted lock-down last week not much has changed for us. The kids are home with no school so we have to insist they are out of bed, dressed and doing something for 9am. Our workload has dropped considerably and that is understandable. You clearly have more to concern yourselves with right now as we all have. This has given us a vastly reduced income so we are using the time we normally use to make your decals to create a large vegetable patch as we think in a few months time we are going to need a cheap supply of fresh vegetables. This is, in itself, wonderful and we feel blessed that we had the area to do this but also got the time our lack of work has given us.

Our investment in the solar panels is wonderful. They power our machines even in the middle of winter and the excess also supplies our neighbours with renewable electricity. On top of this, right now, we are very grateful as they have massively reduced our overheads so we are a very cheap business to run. We are therefore confident Hippy Motors will come out of this.

We are also taking this opportunity to keep up our Wim Hoff exercises. If you don't know about Wim Hoff take a look here https://www.wimhofmethod.com/ . Just perfect to boost your immune system.

Being isolated in our home, office and it's surrounding area is rather good. We can still walk the two minutes into town to stock up on essentials. We are unfortunately isolated from our friends and family. We do communicate regularly via Facetime and WhatsApp and the rest but once this is over, we'll be meeting up again we hope.

Anyway good people, stay healthy, stay beautiful and love what you have.

UPDATE- it's just been confirmed that the UK Government will be assisting self employed (as we are) so Hippy Motors is secure. So change of plan, we will keep you posted on the conversion of our vegetable patch into a swimming pool.

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