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Hippy Motors as a gift and 'Black Friday' deals.

Friday 19th November 2021

Unique Gift ideas for a campervan.

Looking for something different, sustainable and ethical to give as gifts or presents at Christmas? Hippy Motors are carbon neutral decals, have a unique range of designs and we work ethically, sustainably with a personal touch from our home. Unfortunately not many companies do so we really hope that helps when it comes to choosing your Christmas gifts this year. Please consider giving our decals as a gift and remember we just don't cater for woman and their motors; we do a great range of decals for gift ideas for a man with a van also.

Maybe our custom wording can be a great customised gift idea. Windscreen wording, names and A4 sheets of wording that you choose the text, colour and font to add that individual touch. Names can also go on gifts and rooms or cupboards as well.

This year we started selling our first product that is not a decal. We designed, developed and launched our unique portable fire pit which is great to store in a van or shed and looks absolutely beautiful when lit. Our firepit is ideal to take with you camping or for festivals. To make it even better it's made in the UK; it's not shipped across the world just to quickly rust outside. We only have a few in stock at the moment so get your order in soon. We will not be getting any more made until after Christmas and as the cost of steel is going up we will probably have to increase the price when we get more made.

How about giving a Hippy Motors gift voucher. You can get one sent directly as a proper card or emailed directly as a PDF so they get it really quickly. Available in multiples of £5 it allows someone to pick whatever they want on the website for themselves making it easy for you.

So please think about Hippy Motors decals or a firepit as a gift this year; I hope we have something for your loved one.

Maybe you should wait for the biggest retail event of the year; Black Friday? Let's see...

Is Black Friday just a con? We think it is and this is why...

We would need to artificially inflate our prices just to pretend they are reduced for Black Friday like other companies do. We have prices that make us pay our own way in life not to live a luxurious lifestyle; you'll only get prices as low as we can all year.

Talking of false sales, we want to let you into a retail secret used by very large national retailers. You may know it is against the law to pretend something is reduced so retailers must have it on full price for a fixed period of time before they 'reduce' the price. To get around that some (probably most) of the large retailers get round the law by having a large retail outlet on a remote industrial estate with no shop name on it. It is, technically, open to the public but you'll only find it if you know it's there, but it's full of sofa's, furniture, electrical goods etc. at over inflated prices. I know one of these bogus retail outlets is in Washington in County Durham. Once they have been on sale there for the right amount of time the retailer can legally put the stock in it's publicly advertised stores at a 'reduced' price.

So please don't wait for our 'Black Friday Deals' because we don't play the game and con you by pretending we are offering a bargain like major retailers do. Our prices are always as low as we dare, we are ethical, we are sustainable and it's just me and the wife working using solar power from one of our rooms loving you for supporting our silly little business and home. Thank you.

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