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Being ill with Covid and Our daughter in trouble in South Korea.

Friday 8th October 2021

Being ill with Covid and Our daughter in trouble in South Korea.

We know we have not been working as well as we usually do and we'd like to tell you why that is.

Firstly getting Covid was a bit of a bad start to September. At the end of August we caught Covid from a family member and I was really bad, Angela not so, which was a relief as she suffers from asthma and it's always been a worry how she'd be. I, at one point, thought I'd need to be wheeled off to hospital but that same night it also just went away. It was the worst illness I've ever had ( I'm very proud that I hardly ever get ill) and the oddest, not like anything I've known.

So we had Covid but in truth we still worked (Angela more than I); I think we only really took 3 whole days off but we did fall behind and it was a struggle.

We got better and both of us realised we really need to combat our middle age with getting fitter and healthier so we joined a gym! Not any old Gym but High Bullen Hotel and Spa as we need a bit of pampering after feeling so utterly dreadful. I lost a lot of weight during Covid and Angela is a bit miffed that she didn't so I want to keep the weight from coming back and Angela wants to loose some. It's not just vanity you understand it's a slippery slope at our ages towards being old, unfit and fat. It's one of the best decisions we have made for a long time and we get a lot out of it.

So twice a week (and once at the weekend) in the afternoon we are off to the gym and that means we are away from work so it means we are a bit slacker than usual but we try to ensure the work is finished before we set of.

So what about Korea, how does that impact on you working? I hear you ask.

Our daughter Nina flew off in June to South Korea to be an au pair for a year before she starts Linguistics at Cambridge University – yes we are very proud (state school educated, no extra tuition like most who go there) so I had to drop that in – and it's all gone a bit wrong and nasty there for her.

She was with a family who promised a lot but did not provide for her. They exploited her and she was living in a small apartment, sleeping on the floor without any personal space or privacy. So, being a head strong woman, she tells her host family she is not happy with the situation and that's when the father (let's call him Nutt Jobb) gets really nasty towards her. We had to get her out of that household into her own place to be safe. He has no idea where she is but he is pursuing her, actively trying to get her deported. As she has done nothing wrong and she deserves a break and a fun time, we are determined she's not going to be forced back because Nutt Jobb likes to bully young girls. So we've had one eye on the work and one eye on her and giving her our full support. After working so hard for years to get where she is, she deserves a bit of fun and freedom seeing the world before Uni. That's affecting us right now.

So it's still on going for Nina. She told us this morning Nutt Jobb has reported her for breaking quarantine when she entered the country which could mean a fine or even deportation. The funny thing is it was his friend who was providing the quarantine and he talked her into going out for the day so he's actually the one responsible for breaking it so it'll be him not Nina in trouble. It's just Nutt Jobb being a bully and despite all this she is making friends, finally seeing the country and enjoying herself.

It's bad for Nina and it's also upsetting and stressful for us. So I guess what we are saying is this is why we are not being as good as usual and maybe quieter than normal so thank you for your continued support and interest. We love you all.

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