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Bargain Stickers and Special Offer Decals

Special offer decals and bargain stickers.  

If you have big ideas for your vehicle, then consider our bulk sets of our high quality vinyl decals for your camper van or car. Large sets of stickers giving a good coverage, but cheaper and easy to order.  Just tell us the colour of your motor and we select the colours which go well together.  

Daisy decal stickers vinyl transfers by hippy motors

A Completely Crazy Daisy decal Kit

Flower vines dragonfly and gecko sticker kit on a Peugeot car

A Curly Creature sticker Kit

Flower decal kit on VW beetle

A Flowery Make-over decal Kit

Poppy Decals on car by hippy motors

A Large Pack of Poppy Decals

Scooby Doo flowers vinyl decals on cars caravans

A Large Pack of Scooby Doo flowers

wildlife woodland vinyl sticker kit for cars caravans

A Magical Woodland car decal kit

cherry blossom camper van stickers by Hippy Motors

A Stella Fairy Kiss and Flower Decal Pack

Flowers and butterfly decal kit on VW camper van

A Total Smurf Flower decal Kit

Flower and spider vinyl sticker pack of decals on a white van

A White Van Man vinyl sticker Pack

Car covered in large hippy flower decals

A Wizz Bang Flower decal Kit

Large Flower Stickers on VW camper van

An Ultimate Hippy sticker Pack of Flowers

Big decal covering all of a car bonnet

Big Swirl 1.7m decal for roof or bonnet

pack of bubble decals on car and van

Bubble decals pack of 9 sheets

Daisy flower and leaf vinyl decals on a car

Bumper pack of Daisy decals, Curls and Leaves

yin yang symbols with flowers bargain stickers

CND Yin Yang Flower bargain stickers

free hippy motors car sticker

Free Hippy Motors Website Sticker

hibiscus decals for cars and camper vans by hippy motors

Hibiscus decals - large pack of 6 sheets

sun strip on a van with flowers stars CND symbols and butterflies

Hippy Sun Strip sticker Kit

multipack large kit of flower vinyl decals for cars camper vans caravans

Mixed Bed flower stickers pack of 10

large pack of flower and butterfly decals for vehicles

Mixed Bed with Butterfly decals pack of 10

rainbow star vinyl decals for cars

Rainbow Star vinyl decals - 6 Sheets

bumper pack of spot vinyl stickers transfers for caravans vehicles walls and floors

Spots vinyl stickers 12 sheet pack

squeegee made from recycled plastic for decal application

Squeegee to help put on decals

discount star car stickers caravan decals

STAR stickers 3 sheets

Set of tiny rainbow coloured flower decals

Tiny Rainbow Mixed Bed Flower decals

Steam Punk cogs and gears Decals on van

Total Steam Punk Pack

Samples of vinyl for Hippy Motors

Vinyl Swatches Samples - FREE

hippy motors voucher

Voucher Gift Card

Bargain set of vinyl flowers stickers by hippy motors

Wizz flower decals 10 sheet pack

flower yin yang and curl car decal set

Yin Yang Flowers and Curls bargain decals


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