Banksy and more Decals

Banksy vinyl car stickers.  

We love the work of Banksy. Not only is his artwork supporting the peace movement but they show the lunacy of world politics. All these stickers are lovingly made from high quality, colourfast, weatherproof vinyl.  Easy to put on, and can be removed.

fed up protest vinyl car decal

1 percent fed 99 percent fed up decal

Angler fish with money as the light decal

Banker the Angler Fish car sticker

banksy angel car graphics vinyl sticker

Banksy Angel

Banksy Grin or grim reaper car sticker

Banksy Grin Reaper decal

banksy heat ballon girl decal

Banksy Heart Balloon Girl

panda with guns decal

Banksy Panda Decal

banksy parachuting rat decal

Banksy Para Rat decal

parachuting cow decals

Banksy Para-cow decal

customise banksy rat decal

Banksy Rat Have Your Say

Banksy monkey with chainsaw decal

Banksy saw Monkey car sticker

Banksy Tag decal on van

Banksy Tag Decal

Banksy teach peace decal

Banksy Teach Peace decal