Banksy and more Decals

Banksy vinyl car stickers.  

We love the work of Banksy. Not only is his artwork supporting the peace movement but they show the lunacy of world politics. All these stickers are lovingly made from high quality, colourfast, weatherproof vinyl.  Easy to put on, and can be removed.

Angler fish car sticker with money as the light decal

Banker the Angler Fish car sticker

banksy angel decal vinyl sticker

Banksy Angel decal

banksy girl hugging bomb decal

Banksy Child Hugging Bomb sticker

Banksy petrol pump sticker decal

Banksy Death By Petrol Sticker

Banksy Grin or grim reaper decal car sticker

Banksy Grin Reaper decal

banksy heat ballon girl vinyl sticker decal

Banksy Heart Balloon Girl sticker

panda decal with guns sticker on car

Banksy Panda Decal

banksy parachuting rat decal

Banksy Para Rat decal

parachuting cow decal sticker for cars and windows

Banksy Para-cow decal

custom banksy rat sticker decal sticker

Banksy Rat Custom 'Have Your Say' sticker

Banksy monkey car sticker with chainsaw decal

Banksy Saw Monkey car sticker

Banksy Tag decal on van

Banksy Tag Decal

Banksy teach peace decal

Banksy Teach Peace decal

Che Guevara car sticker

Che Guevara decal sticker

debt is slavery decal sticker for vehicles

Debt is Slavery Bumper Sticker

Ghandi vinyl Decal for vehicles

Ghandi car Decal

Guy Fawkes v for vendetta decal on car

Guy Fawkes Mask V for Vendetta decal

Vinyl Decal with one human race on camper van vehicle

One Race The Human Race Checks

Banksy Palestinian balloon girl escaping

Palestine Wall Escapee balloon girl

banksy protesting ape decal

Protesting Ape Banksy Decal

Banksy soldier with dove decal

Soldier of Peace decal

stop wars in a star wars style decal on a car

Stop Wars Decal

The Cult dead mickey vinyl decal for cars laptops guitars

The Cult Dead Mickey decal

vanarchy decal on a camper van

Vanarchy decal