Yin Yang Butterfly car sticker

ID# triButall

An uniquely designed Yin Yang butterfly car sticker to make everyone love your beat-up car.

The butterfly is 280mm X 189mm,

Check out the video to see how it goes on.

You have 3 choices:

Hippy motors yin yng butterfly car sticker decal outline.jpg Butterfly OUTLINE only, shown here in black

Hippy motors yin yang butterfly car sticker window decal green.jpgtriskelbutterflysheets.JPG 1 Butterfly outline with 1 colour infill sheet, shown here in vibrant green and black, with a photo showing silver outline and panther rose infill sheet

Hippy motors yin yang butterfly car sticker window decal green pink.jpg 1 Butterfly outline with 2 colour infill sheets, shown here in vibrant green, fuchsia pink and black.  If you buy another OUTLINE along with this pack, you will have enough infill colours to make 2 butterflies : ))

Colour of OUTLINE    colour of 1st INFILL sheet    colour of 2nd INFILL sheet   

ProductsOur Price
butterfly OUTLINE only£ 4.00
butterfly Outline and 1 INFILL COLOUR£ 7.00
butterfly Outline and 2 INFILL COLOURS£ 10.00