Windscreen wording or name sticker suitable for sunstrips

ID# sunwords

Remember the 70's when this was really fashionable to have your names on the windscreen? In those days you bought each letter & arranged them as you like but we do complete words so it's easy to put on.

You need to select OVERSIZED P&P postage at checkout.

PLEASE NOTE, this is just the vinyl lettering & there is no background colour. If you want background, you need to buy either the flower, star or mosaic strips that offer.

If you have tinted windows do not put on the inside. If you want it on the inside we'll reverse the lettering so when stuck on the inside it reads right on the outside but please know that it will not look as bold than if it was outside.

You get two names/words up to 500mm long each with a MAX height of the wording of 100mm 4", as you don't want it to get in the way of your view of the road. 

maximum of 12 letters per word. If you order more we may have to cancel your order.

We offer a choice of fonts shown here.

Custom Font Guide.jpg


Legal stuff....You will not fail an MOT or upset police unless it is deemed 'hazardous' in obstructing your vision when driving. As a rule the wiper area needs to be clear but authorities will only object if it is directly in the line of vision.

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Our Price: £ 8.00

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