Ultimate Hippy pack of gerbera, daisy sunflower car stickers

ID# carkitven

This is more or less everything you need to get the total flowered effect for your beloved van/car as shown in the now famous VW below, used in a Venetian wedding. 

With each pack you get:-

hippy motors u change daisy car sticker camper van caravan decal.jpg  4 U-CHANGE DAISIES in white and honey;  SMALL (200mm) & 2 LARGE (270mm)  
sunflower car vinyl graphics sticker decal transfer hippy motors  SUNFLOWERS  in honey yellow/brown; 2 MEDIUM (200mm) & 2 BIGGEST (270mm)
Hippy Motors daisy car sticker camper van decal varavan flower transfer white.jpg  COMPLETE CRAZY DAISY pack of flowers in white and honey yellow, in the following sizes; BIGGEST daisie(270mm), 16 daisies (from 190mm to 64mm), and 4daisies (from 127mm to 35mm)  
Hippy Motors gerbera car sticker camper van decal varavan flower transfer honey.jpg 4 sheets of GERBERA flowers ihoney yellow and white, in the following sizes; 2 BIGGEST gerberas (270mm), 2 sheets of large gerberas (from 190mm to 64mm) 

If you want different colours for the sunflowers, daisies and gerberas, please let me know in the box below. 

I have priced this pack at the Bargain price of £111, saving £10, as the value of the stickers are £121


Bon Chance!

alternative flower colours
Our Price: £ 111.00 (961 in stock)

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