Turtle vinyl car sticker

ID# turtle

The Turtle vinyl car sticker.

As 'Finding Nemo' prooves the turtle is the 'Wise man of the sea' and a bit of a dude. Our design comes with a design inspired by a Maori Heart on its back.

Whilst snorkeling in the Indian Ocean I once had a great experience, I swam with a Hawksbill Turtle; ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! So I did this out of appreciation for these stunning creatures.

You get a few size options here;

Tiny at 72mmx46mm

Medium at 260mmx165mm

Giant at 427mmx271mm (will need you to select 'Oversized' P&P at the checkout)


ProductsOur Price
Tiny Turtle£ 0.60
Medium turtle£ 3.50
Giant turtle£ 8.00