Tulip car stickers

ID# Tulipsbig

Beautfully vibrant Tulip car stickers from Devon - sadly not Amsterdam.

This pack contains;

tulip flower head car stickers.jpg 12 tulips, 53mm in size, in 2 different colours

tulip leaves car stickers.jpgtulip stem car stickers.jpg a sheet of stems and leaves, 12 stems @ 140mm in length and Leaves - 24 leaves from 140mm to 40mm.

You put together your own arrangement of flowers, leaves and stems.  I have used red and honey flowers with spring green leaves and stems, panther rose,sky blue and lilac with vibrant green stems and leaves on the photos. The photo of the grey VW also shows our poppies amongst the tulips.

1st colour for flowers    2nd colour for flowers    colour of stalks and leaves   

Our Price: £ 9.00

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