Triskel car stickers

ID# bigtrisk

You get a choice of two sheets of triskels;

celtictriskelsvinylcarstickerorange.jpg Assorted Triskel Sheet 8 assorted triskels per set, 2x 120mm, 1x 85mm, 5x 50mm.
triskel car sticker decal by ippy motors in turquoise.jpg Plain Big Triskel Sheet 1 big triskel with 2 little ones. The big triskel is 200mm and the little ones are 60mm and 75mm in size
triskelvinylcarstickerdecalwindowtransfer.jpgOr just choose a small single plain triskel that is 70mm in diameter
or a GIANT single triskel which is 270mm, and needs 'Oversized Postage'.


ProductsOur Price
Assorted triskels£ 4.50
Plain big triskel sheet£ 4.50
Single small plain triskel£ 1.00
Giant triskel - oversized postage required£ 6.00

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