Total Steam Punk Pack of car stickers

ID# SpecialSP

You can have a crazy Steam-Funked van with this complete steampunk package.

You get...

plumb pipes steam punk car stickers.jpgsteam punk guage car sticker camper van decal.jpgpipe steampunk car stickers decals hippy motors.JPGOne steam plant kit, 1 A3 sheet of steam pipes, 4 gauges and a sheet of fixings

fly wheel steam punk car ssticker hippy motors.jpgFlywheel, shown here in sky blue, 180mm to 85mm

cog steam punk car stickers hippy motors.JPG3 sheets of coloured cogs, shown here in electric blue.spring green and honey, 105mm to 50mm

mixedcogsvinylcarstickersdecalssteampunkgraphics.jpg1 sheet mixed up cogs, shown here in turquoise, 50mm to 130mm

giantcogssteampunkvinylcampervanstickerscaravanstickerssilver.jpgmixed Giant cog wheels, shown here in silver. 195mm to 50mm

giant cog wheel steam punk car sticker honey.JPGgiant cog camper van decal.JPGGiant cog wheels 1 and 2, shown here in black and honey. 275mm each.

COLOURS? In the message box tell us the colour of the van/car so we can avoid that colour or type what you want us to do for you. You can also tell us your preferred colours and we mix these around for you in the boxes provided. Bon Chance!

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Colour of my Wagon
Our Price: £ 50.00