Tiny Fairy car, bicycle stickers

ID# 5tinyfairy

A selection of tiny fairies, ideal for sitting on toadstools, or decorating your laptop, bike, mobile phone etc.  You can stick them anywhere you want them, and they will look great!

Each fairy is about 5-6cm big, and I will make any colour you want.  Choose the design you want, we have 4 to choose from

tiny lightening fairy car phone stickers decals.jpg fairy Lightening shown in sky bluetiny kiss fairy car phone stickers decals.jpgfairy Kiss shown in violet

tiny daffodil fairy car phone stickers decals.jpgfairy Daffodil, shown in electric bluetiny blossom fairy car phone stickers decals.jpgfairy Blossom shown in orange

OR you can have 5 fairies in all 4 designs (see below) for cheapertiny fairy car phone stickers decals.jpg


ProductsOur Price
1 single fairy Lightening£ 0.60
1 single fairy Kiss£ 0.60
1 single fairy Daffodil£ 0.60
1 single fairy Blossom£ 0.60
5 fairies£ 2.50

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