Tinners Three Hares Triskel car sticker

ID# hare2

Our uniquely designed spiritual three Tinners hares vinyl car sticker.  It is thought to have a range of symbolic or mystical associations with fertility and the Lunar Cycle. This symbol is secretly placed in churches over Dartmoor, and we managed to find our first one in Chagfod this summer : ))

tinners hares car stickers decal transfer hippy motors purple.jpgSmall is 156mm x 145mm high, 

tinners hares car stickers decal transfer hippy motors turquoise.jpg BIG is 300mm, x 275mm high and will need you to choose 'OVERSIZED' postage and packaging at checkout.

We also offer a Biggest hare. This comes in 4 pieces (as shown) on a roll. The ears go on first as the centre and just radiate the hares around it. It is 500 x 470mm and will need 'OVERSIZED' postage and packaging.

three big hares together.jpg


ProductsStockOur Price
Small 3 hare triskel886£ 3.50
Big 3 hare triskel- Oversized postage required938£ 9.00
Massive hare triskel Oversized P&P postage997£ 15.00

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