Sun car sticker

ID# sun1

the Sun design vinyl car stickers.  The Sun, in all its radiant beauty. Bringer of life, warmth and light.

You have a choice of 2 sizes:-

The SMALL sun sticker is 190mm x 190mm.

The BIG sun is 270mmx 270mm . Please select 'OVERSIZE' postage & packing at checkout for the BIG size

You have a choice of 3 designs

vinylsuncarstickercaravandecalcampervantransferred2.jpg design 1

sun car stickers camper van decals Hippy motors - sunshine.jpg design 2

hippysunvinylcampervandecalcarstickercaravantransfer.jpgdesign 3

Please choose your colour below.

Colour    Design   

ProductsOur Price
SMALL sun£ 3.50
BIG sun£ 6.00

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