Spots, Polka Dots car stickers

ID# spots

Spots and Polka Dots vinyl car stickers, spotty camper van decals.

Go for the Ladybird look, or the plain old Spotty Dotty look with these car spot stickers.

Sizes options are: 

tiny spots car stickers bike decals black.jpg TINY, 22 spots, 15mm to 30mm in size, shown in black. 

small spot car sticker camper van decal caravan spotty transfer.jpgSMALL, 35 spots , from 50mm to 25mm, shown here in violet

plainspotsvinylcarstickersdecalsblue.jpgMEDIUM, 8 spots, 3@100mm, 2@87mm, 1@57, 2@40mm, shown in electric blue

spot car stickers camper van decals spotty vinyl.jpg BIG, 9 spots, 1@ 200mm, 2 @ 80mm, 6@25mm, shown here in fuchsia pink

spot decals campervan VW stickers orange hippymotors.jpgGIANT, 9 spots, 1@ 275mm, 2 @ 114mm, 6@43mm. PLease select OVERSIZED postage for this size.

We can do BARGAIN 3 sheets of a SINGLE COLOUR for slightly cheaper (because we don't need to change rolls in the machines all the time) if you want to get the bug.



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