Space Invaders car stickers

ID# spacies

Space Invaders car stickers.

You get a full sheet of these to cut up and put on your car. Very retro and cool.

You get 10 invaders, 1 explosion, one gun, one shelter and the words 'Space Invaders' per sheet to cut up & arrange in whatever formation suits you.

You get two size options...

spaceinvadercarstickersdecalswindowtransfers.jpgSmall is an A4 sheet full of invaders with each invader around 50mm wide, shown here in orange.

spaceinvaderswindowbumpercarstickersilver.jpgBig is an A3 sheet with Invaders around 70mm wide, shown here in silver. (Please Select 'OVERSIZED' P&P at checkout)


ProductsOur Price
Small space Invaders£ 4.50
Big Space Invaders (oversized P&P)£ 6.50

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