Smiley Mixed Flower Bed car stickers

ID# Smilyfl

Smiley Mixed Flower Bed car stickers, to give your car that little extra flower power. 

We offer different colour sheets of vinyl flowers, you swap the petals with the centre to get the colour combination you want.  Please watch the video below, it shows how to put these flowers onto your car/campervan.

hippy motors smiley flower car stickers caravan decals yellow.jpghippy motors smiley mixed bed flower cars stickers decals blue.jpg Each 2 sheet pack contains 20 flowers, 4 @ 130mm, 4 @70mm, 2 @ 90mm and 10 @30mm, shown here in sky blue and honey yellow.

I also offer 10 sheets of these flowers for the cheaper price of £30, and you can choose up to 10 colours for this : )) 

Please choose the colour and size for your flowers car stickers below.   

1st colour for flowers    2nd colour for flowers   

extra colour for 10 sheet pack
ProductsOur Price
2 sheets of smiley mixed flower car stickers£ 6.50
10 sheets of smiley mixed flower car stickers£ 30.00

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