Small Custom Name lettering car sticker

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Your chance to have any name or lettering as a vinyl car sticker. We can make custom vinyl lettering to fit your bumper, bodywork and windows.

Please note, you choose the lengths of the name and NOT the height of the letters.

We offer a choice of 10 fonts (shown above). It shows the style of letters, numbers and '&' symbol.

Please write the name that you would like me to make for you in the 'message box'.

PLEASE NOTE!!! Max letters per request, including gaps, for 100mm is 9, 150mm is 14, 200mm is 18 and 250mm is 23. If you want more than we specify the letters are too hard to make & could come off too easily.

If you want a different font to what is offered, please email me before placing the order and I will let you know if I can do it. If you want longer than 250mm please see the banners pages 500mm wording or 1 meter long wording or email me with your sizes.

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Our Price: £ 3.00