Sheela na gig car sticker

ID# Sheela

What or who is Sheela-na-gig? Many experts have differing opinions so no one really knows for sure. Is she a Celtic hag? A representation of low morals? A form of the Goddess? What ever you think she looks great and a worthy addition to your motor and will be the topic of many conversations.

I have based this on the Sheela na gig on the wonderfully ancient Kilpeck Church in Herefordshire England.

She comes in two sizes to choose and any colour from the list.
Small Sheela-Na-Gig is 135mmX145mm high
Big Sheela-Na-gig is 200mmX210mm high


ProductsStockOur Price
Small Sheela-na-gag966£ 2.00
Big Sheela-na-gag984£ 3.50

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