Rambling Rose vine car stickers

ID# rosevine

Ramblin' Rose vine car stickers. Makes a long vine around 5.3m in length, with 4 sheets of stickers in total

rose vine stem car stickers.jpg 1 sheet of stems,shown here in dark green

rose vine leaf car stickers.jpg1 sheets of leaves (38 leaves in total form 25mm to 45mm), shown here in dark green

rose vine flower car camper van stickers decals.jpgrose vine caravan stickers decals pink.jpg2 sheets of roses (12 flowers in total ranging from 35mm to 58mm), shown here in red and fuchsia, but you can have both sheets the same colour.

Just choose two colours for the flowers and one for the stems and leaves.

Please remember to post using OVERSIZED P&P, as the stems come on an A3 sheet.

colour of roses    colour of stems    colour of leaves   

2nd colour of roses
Our Price: £ 15.00