Poppy flower car sticker

ID# Poppies

The poppy flower car sticker. Nothing fills your senses more than feasting your eyes on a field of poppies. Imagine the effect of a poppy covered car?

You can choose from 2 sizes and any colours. I have used red, lemon and orange on the photos.

poppy yellow flower car stickers campervan decals window stickers  MEDIUM - 4 biggish, 3 med, (4@ 94mm, 3@ 60mm)

poppy flower car stickers decals camper van decals canal kayak boat graphic stickers  LARGE - 1 large , 3 medium, (1@ 194mm, 3 @ 58mm)


If you want to order poppies to represent the fallen in war/conflict here is a quick guide to what different coloured poppies represent or symbolise.

Purple poppies represent animals that have been victims of war.

Black poppies represent the fallen from the African, black and Caribbean communities.

White poppies represent everyone who has died in conflict including civilian and Merchant Navy with the objective to bring a lasting peace.

Red poppies are traditionally to show support to The Royal British Legion and the British armed forces fallen in WW1 and other conflicts.

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Our Price: £ 4.00