Poppy field car stickers

ID# Poppies2

The poppy flower car decals. Nothing fills your senses more than feasting your eyes on a field of poppies. Imagine the effect of a poppy covered car?  

This pack contains:

poppy flower car sticker.JPG   13 flowers, 4@ 70mm, 3@ 45mm, 2 @ 100mm, 4@25mm

poppy flower stem car stickers   23 stems ranging from 169mm to 70mm in length

poppy leaf car stickers    19 leaves ranging from 132mm to 46mm in length.

I have used red and lavender on the photos. The stems and leaves are in dark green.  


Colour of poppy flowers    colour of poppy stems    colour of poppy leaves   

Our Price: £ 9.50

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