Plain GECKO car sticker

ID# gecko

Little GECKO / lizard vinyl car sticker without any decoration on its chubby little body (we do one with splat flowers on the back as well).

Gecko's are really cool animals. This one looks wide eyed and a bit worried.

You get a few options here:-

gecko car sticker camper van decal hippy motors  Single Gecko comes in a few size options. Baby at 63mmLittle at 110mm across,medium at 160mm. 

baby gecko vinyl car bicycle stickers bike decals hippy motorsWe also offer 4 baby geckos for cheaper, shown here in electric blue

gecko family car camper van sticker red Family geckos set comes with adult (190mm x160mm),  Teenager (105mm x 90mm) and Kid (63mm x 55mm). Just cut the sheet up & scatter around as you like.

giant gecko carcampervan sticker VW decal green.jpgand Giant comes with giant (340mm X 280mm),  2 little ones  (75mm x 85mm).  Please select 'OVERSIZE' postage & packing at checkout for the GIANT sticker.

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ProductsOur Price
Baby Plain Gecko£ 0.70
Little Plain Gecko£ 1.50
Medium Plain Gecko£ 2.50
4 baby geckos£ 2.50
Family Gecko Plain £ 4.50
Giant plain Gecko£ 7.00