Para Cows banksy car sticker

ID# paracow

Banksy cow car stickers, this one above is cleverly hiding a scratch!
Why? Why throw cows out of a plane with a parachute? Makes no sense to me but feeding ground up meat to cows does not either, but we do that to them.
You get three options here.
paracow.JPGA single small paracow at 100mm high.
Banksy parachuting cow car sticker camper van decal green.jpg3 cows 70 X 90mm high, 88 X 115mm high and 108 X 140 high mix of left & right facing.
paracowsbanksycarstickerdecalwindowtransfergreen.jpg8 cows 1 @ 250 X 190mm high, 200 X 160mm high, 160X 120 high, 90 X 70mm high, and 4 @ 40X 50 high. mixed left & right facing.


ProductsOur Price
Small paracow£ 0.50
3 para cows£ 4.50
8 paracows£ 8.00