One Race The Human Race car sticker

ID# Humanrace

After the recent uprising of racist fever following the farcical EU Referendum in the UK I felt compelled to design this sticker. One race, the human race.

I found it hard designing this as the depth of feeling I have for the poor people that are facing such persistent anger and resentment really makes me angry. I like to be a tolerant person but I will not tolerate racism; I will defend my fellow human if they are being repressed because we are one. Trying to stay calm and design something that is not offensive I found difficult but I hope you like this very simple message.

You get two sizes Small or big select size & colour option...

Small 275mm X 75mm

Big 380mm X 105mm Needs 'OVERSIZED P&P' selected at checkout.

Biggest 570mm X 160mm Needs 'OVERSIZED P&P' selected at checkout. This size will join with the Butterflies and heart listings to make this if you want....please go to the related links below to see those products in detail & order them

One race checks hearts butterfly.jpg


ProductsStockOur Price
Small One Race980£ 3.50
Big One Race (oversized P&P)991£ 5.00
Biggest One Race (oversized P&P)998£ 6.50

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