One Race Heart Butterfly Check KIT

ID# ORkit

I love these on our Bongo Van and if yoy wantr the same you can with this kit.

One race checks hearts butterfly.jpg

You get the heart to checks, butterfly to check and the One Race The Human Race. It comes in three sections to allow you to put it on easier and all sizes link to creat one great look and message of peace, love & freedom.

The butterfly length is This strip is 815mm long and 255mm wide. The One Race is 570mm x 160mm . The checks to hearts is 860mm x 250mm (you need to make sure you want the hearts on the left - as shown - or right, opposite, because they don't look right upside down.

Total length is 2.25 metres.

Please select OVERSIZED for the postage as it's MASSIVE! 

Please watch the video to show you how to put them on


ProductsStockOur Price
One Race, heart, butterfly KIT hearts on left (oversized P&P)998£ 30.00
One Race, heart, butterfly KIT hearts on right (oversized P&P)998£ 30.00

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