Nana flower car sticker

ID# nanaflow

The Nana Flower car sticker.  This is a 1 sheet sticker set, covered in application tape to make putting them on very easy. Please watch the video below, it shows how to put similar flowers onto your car/campervan.

We make them in 3 sizes:

hippy motors power flower tiny car bike bicycle stickers green.jpg TINY, 20 flowers 20-30mm in size, shown here in dark green

greennanatransfers.JPG  MEDIUM, 7 flowers in total, 3@100mm, 2 @70mm, 2 @40mm shown in spring green 

 hippy motors power flower car caravan sticker decal pink.jpgBIG, 1 large 200mm flower, and 3 little 60mm flowers, shown in panther rose.


ProductsOur Price
1 sheet of TINY nana flowers£ 3.00
1 sheet of MEDIUM nana flowers£ 4.00
1 sheet of LARGE nana flowers£ 4.00

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