Moon vinyl stained glass window sticker

ID# moonwindow

A beautiful moon vinyl window sticker. We have designed this to look like strained glass but is top quality vinyl instead.

You order the outline (in black) with either one, two or three colours or on its own.

If you want an extra outer on its own we can supply one without coloured panels. If you do by two infills then you can make a second one if you have an extra outer.

The moon is 210mm x 200mm

Colour 1    Colour 2    Colour 3   

ProductsOur Price
Stained glass moon outer with 1 colour£ 8.00
Stained glass moon with 2 colours£ 11.50
Stained glass moon with 3 colours£ 15.00
Stained glass moon outer (black) no colours£ 4.50