Ministry of Silly Walks decal

ID# SillyW

Stop this, it's all getting a bit silly now.

No matter how mundane your job, how useless and pointless it is, no matter how silly they make you dress so you can 'look the part', it's never going to be as bad as if you worked for The Ministry of Silly Walks.

So celebrate the ridiculous and put a smile on peoples faces by putting silly walks on the motor.

When standing upright he is 140mm tall.

You get a couple of options here...

We offer them facing left or right, as sets of 6 or single ones so you can have a nice neat row of them if you wish or just the one. Sets come as a single colour (hence they are slightly cheaper than buying separately) so if you want multi-coloured you need to pick one at a time.

Anyway, watch the video link below to remember what it is all about.

Colour    Direction   

If you want one, what number pose?
ProductsStockOur Price
Set A984£ 8.00
Set B990£ 8.00
Single one (add number in box above)996£ 2.50

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