Marakihau mermaid car sticker

ID# Marak

The Marakihau is sometimes considered to be the Maori mermaid, as it has a fish tail, but the Marakihau was a bit of a monster. She has a large hollow tongue and can suck up boats, canoes and even men! It's shown here sucking up a fish. Disney's little Mermaid, Arial, never sucked up any men, well it was not in the movie I watched anyway.

One of our more fiddly designs to make so it's a bit more costly than others but it is rather unique and cool.

Comes in two size options...

Small 275mmX85mm

Giant 430mmX133mm (needs 'Oversized' P&P at checkout)

I have used black,turquoise,red and sky blue in the photos below


ProductsOur Price
Small Maori Marakinau£ 4.50
Giant Maori Marakinau (oversized P&P)£ 8.00

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