Ladybird car stickers

ID# lbird

Ladybird car transfer to enhance the flowers and wildlife on your motor display

We offer a choice of 3 sizes, little, medium and big, or 10 little ladybirds for cheaper : ))

hippy motors ladybird ladybug car stickers window decals.jpgThe little ones are 50mm big and you get 1 black ladybird body, and a little pair of red or yellow wings and are really easy to apply.

hippy motors ladybird ladybug car stickers window decals.jpgMedium size at 120mm wide by 105 high

Giant ladybirdBig one at 200mm. That's about the size of an A4 sheet. This big one comes with two babies as a bonus.

We offer single or multiple packs and either red or yellow just incase you have a red car.


ProductsOur Price
single little ladybird£ 0.50
10 little ladybirds£ 4.00
Medium Ladybird£ 1.50
Big Ladybird£ 4.50

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