James daisy FLOWER car sticker

ID# hugeu

They're two groups of fans that keep on asking us to do stuff for them. One group of fans are the ones that follow James. So what is it about James that attracts such devotion? It's not just the bands great music, I suspect it has a lot to do with the band members personalities and their work ethic that connects to people. As a result of persistent demands from their fans, therefore, we are listing the James daisy. I really hope the band are OK with this...sorry guys so please let us know if we need to remove this.

PS. The other group of fans are The Levellers.

Check out some of their stuff!.

You get a choice of 3 sizes

SMALL - 189mm diameter, 

LARGE - 270mm diameter, POSTAGE CHARGE MUST BE FOR 'OVERSIZED' for this size

HUGE  - This is a single flower 700mm diameter (27"),  POSTAGE CHARGE MUST BE FOR 'OVERSIZED' for this size I have used the fo

colour of petals    colour of flower center   

ProductsStockOur Price
SMALL James daisy837£ 3.50
LARGE James daisy876£ 5.00
HUGE James daisy910£ 12.00

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